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Thursday, 24 May 2018

{How to Delete Pokémon Go Permanently }

                             Delete Pokémon Go Account

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. If you don’t want to play Pokemon Go game anymore, it’s time to delete your Pokemon Go. If you would like to delete your Pokémon GO account, you will need to provide your Trainer nickname and have access to the email address associated with your account to Niantic's website, otherwise they unable to process deletion requests that do not meet this criteria. You are  unable to use the same
email account or username again, should you ever want to open another account to become a Pokemon Master. If you want no more of this Pokécraze, deleting your account just requires filling out a simple form on pokemongo support website page. If you really want a permanent break from Pokémon GO, there’s a way to get rid of the account and all the data attached to it. Your Pokémon GO profile and all associated game data will be permanently deleted.
Delete- Uninstall Pokémon Go

here are some tips  how to delete a Pokemon Go account:

visit on this below given link:
enter Email address of the Pokémon GO account you wish to delete
Trainer nickname of the account you wish to delete
Select if you are submitting this request on behalf of a child who is under 13 years of age
Check the all boxes to confirm
verify the Captcha & submit the form
and finally uninstalled the app from your phone.

*After Submit the form, you will get an email informing you that your request is received. If there is any instruction mentioned in email then follow it for to confirm the deletion request. and wait for up to a few weeks for the account to be deleted.

Before you go through with it, know that “a profile deletion request is IRREVERSIBLE” and that “attempts to cancel the request after submitting can’t be guaranteed.

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